Electronics build

I built a drawbot to draw large scale images on paper. A laptop running the Makelangelo java app uses trigonometry to convert digital images into G-Code (CNC machine code) and plots points onto paper.

The hardware is run by an arduino, Adafruit motor shield, two stepper motors, and a servo controlling a pen. The stepper motors position the pen on the canvas by adjusting the length of two belts. A servo motor moves the pen on or off the paper.

Machine in action

Arduino & Adafruit motor shield

Stepper motor with cog and belt

Testing the stepper motors and servo

Shinichi Mochizuki in cross hatch style

Unaatached drawbot draw head. Servo motor, penholder & frame made from Meccano

jean michel basquiat in zig zag

The drawbot is slow - 7 hours and 19 minutes to draw this image of Andy Warhol