Land Rover Online Advertising

Digital Ad Kit / Design

Create a flexible mobile/online ad kit for their European & North America teams. Using the ad kit, a studio can create a localised version in a matter of minutes. Built in AS2 and AS3 depending on the market and publisher requirements.

The basic kit comes with a standard 40kb MPU, standard 40kb leaderboard, Blippar ad template, and an expanding doubleClick video banner. Along with the working flash files, are flash classes, fonts, animated Gif PSD templates, and vector logos – all the essentials for a designer to make a quick update. The flash banners are built with creative flexibility in mind.

As such, they use well documented tweening classes (Greensock) for the text and image transitions. Not only does this help streamline a set of banners built by different teams around the world, but it leaves every possible kilobyte for the art-worked creative. The zipped assets now reside on the Land Rover extranet, ready for teams all over the globe to use and make their own.

300x250 Expandable - Rollover to expand

300x250 - 40kb

728x90 - 40kb

Blippar ad