Qantas Cash

Art direction / Design

Qantas wanted New Zealand Frequent Flyer members to pre load their Qantas Cash cards with up to nine currencies for their next trip overseas.

Sounds simple right? Try explaining to the uninitiated that their Frequent Flyer Card doubles as a travel money with only a sentence and a picture. After concepting we briefed the 3D artists on a 'Game of thrones' style map that could be applied to further executions. Colour accents on the wood, currency markers, and city specific landmarks all had to be expressed to the artists so that the final artwork could be used in conjunction with the copy, logos, cards, & disclaimers.

One of the original concepts

Auckland billboard

Press ads

Some of the original concepts

DM proof sheet

Second phase - London close up

Second phase - New York City close up

Social executions

Huge Auckland billboard

Online banner storyboard

Auckland billboard

Art direction mock up for the 3D artists + plasticine mock up of marker